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Thursday 22nd April 2021, 2pm – 3pm

Managing Remote Teams

Led by Nicola Poole, MD, Hedges Law, with Victor Lisowski, Matrix247

The distributed legal team is now a permanent fixture for many businesses and law firms alike in some form. As we have all experienced now, working remotely is a different dynamic for employees and their managers in terms of culture, relationship building, and supervision. How are firms adapting to ensure a strong culture and that quality customer service prevails, good line management, and of course controlling risk in legal work?

Perhaps a popular option for experienced Partners perhaps seeking a more equitable work/life/revenue balance, but what about the next generation of lawyers? Much of our work experience is garnered from the absorption of tacit knowledge from senior team members.

Nicola Poole is MD of Hedges Law, a law firm with a fascinating evolutionary story. A traditional law firm founded in 1789, now a thriving modern law firm embracing new ways of working:22nd April webinar

Learn how law firms are tackling these challenges, useful technology aspects, and options you should be aware of. Also hear from leaders of other distributed teams who have managed staff remotely by design for many years.

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Thursday 27th May 2021, 2pm – 3pm

Business Funding and Finance

Led by: Stuart Gibson, Acorn Business Finance, and Trish Kinahan, Hazlewoods. 

Much planning, re-planning and constant re-forecasting has been undertaken by every business over the last 12 months. This webinar covers the following key topics to help firms take a view on options and requirements moving forwards into 2021/22:

  • The current finance and funding landscape for the sector
  • Latest Budget, assessment and the impact on law firms
  • Funding in the short, medium, and longer-term
  • What has changed?
  • Should you pay back excess funds (ie CBILS)?
  • The fundamentals of good financial control

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Thursday 24th June 2021, 2pm – 3pm

Business Development 1 – How does your prospective client KNOW your firm?

In the first of a 3-part business development mini-series following the proven KNOW, LIKE, TRUST journey in a prospective client relationship. This webinar explores the essential skills, tools and approaches for your target audience to get to KNOW you and your law firm.

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Thursday 17th July 2021, 2pm – 3pm

The Professional Indemnity Market

Led by: Brian Boehmer, Partner, Lockton

Lockton is the leading legal market insurance brokers, this webinar takes us through the current PI market conditions and how to improve your law firm’s position.

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What have we learnt so far?


September 2020 – Challenging PII Renewals Many firms are facing a 30% uplift in PII premiums this year. Learn how to minimise the uplift and financial impact of a challenging PII renewal season. Led by Brian Boehmer, Partner at Lockton.

October 2020 – Risk Reduction Strategies. Led by Michelle Garlick, Partner at Weightmans and Alex Holt, Director, The Cashroom

November 2020 – Organisation and Ownership. Led by Janet Cooper OBE, and Patricia Kinahan, Partner, Hazlewoods. Exploring the options from Ltd Company, ABS, right through to 100% share ownership schemes / EOT’s. The pro’s and the cons of each option and the types of firms that are suitable.

January 2021 – Re-imagining a law firm. Led by Karen Bexley of Bexley Beaumont LLP and Martyn Best, CEO, Document Direct.

March 2021 – Legal Talent Recruitment and Retention – the role of flexible/agile working. Led by Janet Cooper OBE and Joanna Gaudoin of Inside Out Image we learned that the top concerns of attendees for any new hybrid working model was around Supervision, Culture and Tech. Janet took us through her proven approach to ‘agreed hours’ flexible working legal teams and the business case for it. Joanna explored the soft skills that lawyers want and need to get ahead and add value to a firm’s performance.

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