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Thursday 28th January 2021, 2pm – 3pm

Re-imagining a law firm

Led by: Karen Bexley, Co-Founder of Bexley Beaumont LLP and Martyn Best, CEO of Document Direct

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Sometimes a change is as good as a rest as the saying goes – not sure I completely agree but we’ve all certainly had lots of change to deal with recently. Perhaps you have had some time usually reserved for commuting to think and reflect on how things could be done differently moving forwards in your firm?

Whatever 2020 meant for you and your law firm, it has demonstrated that people can adapt and react quickly when the need arises. There is no better time to take the opportunity to consolidate change and to think outside the box in terms of how, where and by whom, different aspects of running a law firm could be delivered. In this webinar we’ll look at some of the different choices and options available.

Our guest speaker, Karen Bexley, is 12 months into her law firm ownership journey after founding Bexley Beaumont LLP (with Anna Beaumont, ex CEO of Gunnercooke). Karen explains what choices they’ve made for their firm, and why, after designing and developing a law firm from scratch.

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Wednesday 27 January 2021, the topic for Hazlewood’s fourth virtual event will be ‘Technology and Property’.

Join us for the fourth event in our series of virtual morning briefings in collaboration with Virgin Money.


As we enter lockdown three, it brings into focus our need for office space and what the strategy should be for it in the future. The interaction of technology and property has never been so closely aligned. Come along to our webinar to hear our experts in the field of property and technology, James Cubitt from Colliers and Andrew Hart from Freeman Clarke, give you the most up-to-date information of what has been happening in the sector, hints and tips on the way that firms are working at the moment during the challenging period and, more importantly, ideas for helping you build your own office strategy for the future.

This event is primarily aimed at key decision-makers in law firms.

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Recruiting and Retaining Legal Talent

Thursday 25th February 2021, 2pm – 3pm

Recruiting and Retaining Legal Talent 

Led by: Pauline Freegard, Verdigris Consulting

All our lives have been disrupted, and core values and priorities have been well and truly challenged. Gone are the familiar commuting routes and treadmill of long hours in the office. Possibly it’s long hours at home but many people in working in high-pressure roles, not least lawyers, may now be questioning their work/life balance. What do they really want in an employer, and what does the ideal working week look like now?

Who, What, When and How are key questions for those in law now reflecting on their legal career. Those are the questions Law Firms have to answer well, to retain and attract legal talent. The job market is more flexible now in some ways but we are working within a challenged and volatile economy for the foreseeable future.

Learn how law firms are addressing new issues in retaining and supporting staff in the new working set-up, and what is it that really motivates this sector? Including aspects to consider when competing for talent.

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Managing a remote team effectively

Thursday 25th March 2021, 2pm – 3pm

Managing Remote Teams

The distributed team is now a permanent fixture for many businesses and law firms alike in some form. It is a different dynamic for employees and their managers in terms of culture, relationship building, and supervision. How are firms adapting to ensure a culture of customer service prevails, good line management, and of course controlling risk in legal work?

This model is becoming a popular option for experienced Partners perhaps seeking a more equitable work/life/revenue balance but what about the next generation of lawyers? Much of our work experience is garnered from the absorption of tacit knowledge and those ad-hoc conversations with more experienced team members.

Join us for this forum session looking at how law firm leaders are tackling these challenges, useful technology aspects and options you should be aware of, and hear from leaders of distributed teams by design.

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What have we learnt so far?

Webinars so far:

September 2020 – Challenging PII RenewalsMany firms are facing a 30% uplift in PII premiums this year. Learn how to minimise the uplift and financial impact of a challenging PII renewal season. Led by Brian Boehmer, Partner at Lockton.

October 2020 – Risk Reduction Strategies. Led by Michelle Garlick, Partner at Weightmans and Alex Holt, Director, The Cashroom

November 2020 – Organisation and Ownership. Led by Janet Cooper OBE, Tapestry Compliance and Patricia Kinahan, Partner, Hazlewoods. Exploring the options from Ltd Company, ABS, right through to 100% share ownership schemes / EOT’s. The pro’s and the cons of each option and the types of firms that are suitable.

Calico in-person Forums - on hold for now

Well, 2020 bit back!

In-person forums are postponed – we will be back when it is safe. In the mean-time lookout for the regular Compass Magazine and the free regular masterclasses and networking webinars with Calico experts.

What does the fit and fabulous law firm look like?

Structurally & Financially Fit

Leadership & Succession Fit

Operationally & Culturally Fit

When all these foundations are in alignment your firm will be ready for whatever change the next decade demands (ed. little did we know back in October 2019 when planning this!). The ability to lead and make lasting change is really the killer skill-set that will set apart successful law firms from the declining. Crystal ball gazing is one thing, but making any organisation fit for change is where smart leaders focus.

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