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We could tell you how fabulous we are and how clever our coaches and consultants are and how many law firms we’ve worked with over the years, but it’s not about us, this is about you and your firm.

We see managing partners everyday who are working extraordinarily hard to build great law firms with great people and great clients.  You trained to be a superb lawyer, you were never trained to run a business or lead people or build a brilliant culture.

You’ve probably gained some pretty good skills in those areas as you’ve grown into the role and as the firm has blossomed, however, there’s a nagging sense in the back of your mind that there is more to learn and more to do to really accelerate the growth of the business.

That’s where we come in.  We are NOT going to tell you how to run your firm.  What Tricres does is work with you and your partners and senior team to find out what you want, where you want to go, what you stand for as a firm and what kind of culture you want to develop.

Along the way, we help you design the strategies you need to grow in a sustainable way by enhancing or changing the culture of the firm, implementing new ways to unblock your revenue cycle and develop you and your senior team as leaders.

People. Revenue. Strategy.  That’s it.  Three things you need to focus on.  We show you exactly how.

Rebecca Bonnington

Rebecca Bonnington, CEO and Founder, Tricres

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