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The Move Exchange – Quote Conversion Services

The Move Exchange provides innovative services to help law firms increase their conversion rate and consequently their revenue and profitability. Whether it’s quote conversion services, online training or mystery shopping, we have a solution to fit the firm.

Our goal is to help law firms get the most out of their existing sales pipeline. Often, firms focus on trying to generate new enquiries, without considering how they will successfully turn those enquiries into paid work for the business.

As an example of the missed opportunities, an increase in conversion rate of just 10%, can result in hundreds of thousands of pounds in extra revenue.

Outsourced quote conversion

Our experienced team is trained in quote conversion by industry expert, Professor Ian Cooper. By outsourcing new enquiries to us, the firm will see the benefits of:

  • Lower costs than dealing with new enquiries in-house
  • An improved client service, increased conversion rate and therefore increased revenue
  • Taking away the admin cost/time of not only new enquiries, but also file opening of any new matters from introducers where appropriate

Online Training

For firms who want to keep the management of their new enquiries in-house, we provide extensive online training presented by Professor Ian and Howard Cooper, to help a firm’s staff to deal with new enquiries more effectively. The firm will see the benefits of:

  • A money-back guarantee that the training will increase conversion rates
  • Enhanced client relationships and cross-selling opportunities

Mystery Shopping

To ensure the ongoing success of a firm’s inbound enquiry conversion, we provide a mystery shopping service. The benefit of this is:

  • 4 calls at different times of the day to reflect when they may be stretched
  • A quarterly report containing details of the calls, how they measure against the market, and comprehensive feedback on how to improve

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