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www.EfficientLawFirm.co.uk is the legal sector division of TBA GROUP

Experts in all areas of documents, paper light; digital workflow, we help Law Firms improve the productivity of their people and the efficiency of their firm, to increase profits.

TBA Group “bolt-on” to your firm, as an additional resource. We investigate areas or departments for a pre-agreed, nominal weekly rate, which is typically less than the cost of a trainee. This extra resource can be turned on or off like a tap, and enables Clients to access an independent expert, who will work with your people to find opportunities to improve efficiency across all areas of documents, paper light & digital workflow.

We identify and investigate areas which are potentially inefficient or analyse specific departments to review and highlight where an increase in efficiency can be made. More importantly, once a solution is identified and agreed, we will work to implement the solution and deliver the results.

We do aim to generate a margin of course, but only when RESULTS have been AGREED. Our low-risk / high return on investment offering means we have to act and think like we are part of YOUR FIRM… as we can only generate a margin if we IMPLEMENT RESULTS, and this is the key to our success.

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