More Knowledge, Shared – New Website Goes Live

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More Knowledge, Shared – New Website Goes Live

🎉 A New Milestone for Calico 🎉

After three years of a quickly growing library (it’s now a massive 350+ ad-free articles, whitepapers, and guides) the original website was creaking a bit under the weight of all that know-how gold. It was time for a refresh and restructure. The site also needed to accommodate our newer channels such as the now well-established monthly webinars, Calico Academy, our new plans, and to organise all the resources by business topic of interest.

The group has grown massively in that time too with new Key Partners and Associates joining us to share more of their expertise with law firm leaders.

As a busy business owner, it is sometimes hard to find the right partners to work with, in an equally busy sector, where sales brochures look the same. What suits your peer’s law firm isn’t necessarily right for yours. One reason I founded Calico was to help SME law firm leaders quickly find the right partner for their firm and to encourage senior experts to share their decades of expertise working with UK law firms freely, outside of any sales process.

Check out the fantastic group members on the membership tree here who would be delighted to hear from you to swop industry knowledge and briefly share how they might be able to help your law firm. They are all handpicked for their ethos, values, legal references, and depth of expertise in this sector so there will be no hard sales approach from any member.

We have great plans to expand our channels to reach everyone in UK law firms who would benefit from the depth of knowledge in the group. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the fresh new look. Have a browse through the article library, there is something useful here for everyone connected with the legal sector.

Pauline Freegard (Founder) 






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Want to get more from your law firm? Our group of legal experts can help you. Get in touch today and we’ll connect you with the person for you.

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