Price Transparency – From Bushtucker Trial to a jungle retreat

A slow loris looking curious

From Bushtucker Trial to a jungle retreat

Price transparency shouldn’t be an ordeal

Over the past week, the great British public has been engrossed in the latest enthralling offering of ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.’ Despite the fact that I know it exploits people’s primal fears, I can’t help but find myself transfixed day after day.

In particular, I find the discussions in the moments after Dec and Holly reveal the Bushtucker Trial contestant extremely difficult to sit through. The faces of the chosen celebrity drop as they sit despondently in a state of confusion and bewilderment whilst contemplating their fate. Shortly after Dec told John Barrowman and Emily Atack that they had been chosen to complete ‘Drown and Out,’ Emily became agitated as she hypothesized over the trial’s potential nightmarish contents.

More than anything else, it is the unknown that exacerbates the fear experienced.

If the contestants are told the intricate details for the trial, rather than just being presented with an ominous title, the suspense and anxiety would seriously dilute. For this reason, the producers are savvy and hype the hysteria through continued ambiguous titles and taglines.

As we approach December 6th this week and price transparency regulation is on the immediate horizon, the similarities between home buyers and Emily Atack became clear. Like Emily, they are inexperienced and unfamiliar to the nuances involved in the home moving process.

In a similar fashion to the impact the menacing titles can have on the celebs, the lack of understanding around price and services during the conveyancing sector can heighten levels of anxiety in the home buyer.

People do not like to feel out of control; consumers now demand to have a clear understanding of the services they will receive and the reasons they are value for money. If you aren’t already publishing your pricing information, you can be certain that several of your competitors will be.

For anyone making a decision principally on price (and this will initially be a large proportion of people looking for many legal services) you won’t even be in the running if you don’t publish your pricing. This is not just a regulatory compliance issue, it is a consumer requirement.

You may think losing price-conscious customers isn’t a huge loss to your business if you don’t wish to compete purely on price. In reality, however, publishing your pricing information (even if you are relatively expensive) in conjunction with details of your service offering, actually enables you to differentiate your business on other factors such as quality and experience.

If you are in this position, you should (immediately!) set out clearly on your website what your service offering contains – the implication being that if you offer a great quality service people will realise this and consider your pricing information accordingly. The new price transparency rules may, in fact, benefit firms that provide real value rather than just cheap prices. Similarly, If Emily was given the full details of the trial, her anxieties would have reduced considerably.

Someone who would traditionally make a decision purely on price will now be more inclined to consider the other relevant factors (that they should, in reality, be considering anyway). Firms who offer real value and expertise should now relish a more level playing field come December.

If your website is outdated and you don’t currently have an easy way to meet the new requirements, Solve Legal Marketing could help. As experts in legal website design and content writing, we can build you a new website that takes into account the new price transparency rules. Additionally, we can present the information in a way that will be beneficial to your business, rather than a hindrance.

We understand that many firms are hesitant to make the required changes for obvious reasons. As a regulated firm in one of the sectors covered by the new rules, you have little choice but to comply.

With Solve Legal Marketing’s help, you can make this a positive change for your business, rather than a negative one. Get in touch now to find out how we can help turn the Bushtucker Trial into a jungle retreat. If you aren’t a regulated firm but you’d like help displaying pricing information on your website in an effective way to be more competitive, please get in touch to discuss our bespoke content writing and comprehensive website design options for law firms.

Although the production team are unlikely to make their information transparent to the contestants, a guilty part of me will continue to enjoy the misery of the celebrities.

Karen Babington, Solve Legal Marketing

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