From cost to value why video works

Video screens - 5 reasons why video works in law firm marketing by Ed Chinn of Eagle & Beagle

From cost to value – 5 compelling reasons why video works

This article looks at whether the rise of video content on the web is something that law firms should take notice of.  Will this trend last and is it a suitable method of communication for law firms to adopt?

It’s true that video seems like the latest, greatest thing which is hailed as a potential ‘silver bullet’ for revitalising/boosting the fortunes of law firms.  In reality, moving pictures and sound have been with us for some time.  It’s clear to see, from the silver screen to the small screen, how significant the impact of this form of communication has been on our lives.

The advent of fast broadband and increased accessibility of video technology has brought this medium within the grasp of any organisation.  Video may appear to be the latest shiny thing, but law firms can be confident that incorporating video into their marketing strategy is a worthwhile investment for the long term.


Video marketing is one of the most engaging, converting and adaptable forms of marketing currently available.


For a law firm, the specific benefits are:

  • Credibility

Consistently providing your audience with readily accessible content positions you as a thought-leader and reaffirms proof of your knowledge and expertise. Video is available 24 hours-per-day and sits within our online world where information is often sought first and foremost through the web.

  • Quality

Testimonials and case study videos provide examples and social proof of your work, results and value. Particularly in the case of millennials, they offer comfort and encourage contact by creating an edge over your competitors who, without video, are lacking the same level of relatability.

  • Moving clients’ minds from cost to value

Video can help to demonstrate your value and therefore shift the focus of your clients’ minds away from just cost. In an increasingly competitive legal marketplace, this offers a huge advantage.


There are reams of statistics, reports and data supporting the benefits of video marketing,

but here are just 5 compelling reasons:

  1. Video is proven to boost online conversion rates
  2. Video is a great addition to email marketing campaigns – resulting in far higher open rates, by as much as 200-300%.
  3. Search engines love fresh content – producing consistent video output can help to improve the search engine ranking of your firm.
  4. Video builds trust – it has been reported that 90% of people seeking to make a purchase have found videos helpful in the decision process.
  5. Videos encourage social shares – the Mere-exposure effect has shown that the more your desired audience sees your brand online, the more familiar it becomes and they will develop a preference for your brand over your competitors.

If you want your law firm to be more relatable to your audience, and you want more engagement with your marketing efforts, then video should be part of your marketing strategy.

Ed Chinn, Eagle & Beagle


A strategic approach to video marketing is vital. Video doesn’t need to be expensive, a consistent video strategy can bring savings over a piecemeal approach. If you have clients or potential clients who are focused on cost, then demonstrating your value can lift your firm above the competition. When people have their attention drawn towards value they are happy to pay the premium, knowing the value they will get in return.

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