How to create great video content, part 2


Part 2 – What does great video content look like for law firms?

There are almost endless possibilities for the application of video for law firms.  But, especially with the introduction of the SRA price transparency rulings, it’s a great opportunity to shift the focus from cost to value.  Video is a wonderful platform for demonstrating value and credibility, especially through thought leadership.

The shift to transparency also throws the light onto your authenticity.  Viewers, especially the younger generations, are keen to see your business stands behind its words and values.  Often the question in response to this is ‘how do I stand out?’, ‘what we do is similar to many other firms’ etc.


Find your ‘Why’

My tip is to refer to a book written by Simon Sinek called ‘Start with Why’.  If you can clearly say why you do what you do (rather than just ‘what’ you do), this is more personal and far more likely to help you stand out and engage your audience.

With this principle of ‘why’ first and foremost it be the guide to how you plan all your video content.  Think of being introduced to someone at an event and they say, “I am a corporate lawyer and I work for Smith & Smith’, I can imagine the yawn coming already!  However, if they said “I help businesses to make the right decisions so that they can be true to their values and enrich the lives of their staff and local communities”. It’s much more intriguing and the more personal the ‘why’ is, the more authentic your content and delivery will be.  Which, in turn, will garner the engagement and trust of your audience far quicker.


How important is production quality?

In the early days of website adoption there seemed to less focus on a functional, professional presentation compared to the sophisticated websites that are the norm today.  There are similarities with some of the early adopters of video.  It is fine for video (especially frequent, self-shot video) not to look like the latest Christopher Nolan production.  But, like a good modern website, there should be nothing wrong with it either.

Anything that your business does or creates (including core work and marketing) is a reflection of your business brand.  Therefore, you want your viewers to get the right impression that they are in safe hands.  You want to build an ongoing relationship with your viewers and this trust comes from knowing that your video output will be consistent in quality, style and presentation.  This will encourage your viewers to keep tuning in, working towards that point where they think of you first when they are in their hour of need.


Our 5 quick tips to get you started on your video content journey:

  • No long intros, get straight into the meat of it, let viewers know what to expect from the video, then you’ll have them hooked.
  • Concentrate on one key message. The analogy is to compare key messages with tennis balls.  If you throw one tennis ball at someone they are more likely to catch one, compared to if you throw ten balls at them.  Even if they do catch more than one ball, is it the one key ‘ball’ you wanted them to catch!  If you have lots of information to get across, make a series of videos.
  • Keep your camera/phone steady and ideally place on a tripod (or gimbal) to keep the shot steady.
  • Whether you are using natural or synthetic lighting, make sure this is in front of you. This ensures the most flattering look and avoids the ghostly silhouette look!
  • Invest in an external microphone. Audio is vital to keep your audience engaged.  Bad sound and viewers will switch off in a flash!  (Also, consider subtitles so that everyone can hear your message, even if they are hard of hearing or on busy public transport)


Best of luck on your multi-media journey – do contact us if you would like help and friendly advice with great law firm references!

Ed Chinn, Eagle & Beagle


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