An expert guide to legal awards, part 1

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Are you a winner?

As Remi Malek joins the cast of Oscar winners that include Robert De Nero, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, your law firm should consider how they can join the elite of legal services. After all, becoming an award winner involves a lot more than just submitting an entry form. Conversely, this should be the final act in a strategized process.

To fill your trophy case, your firm should:

Highlight Business Outcomes

An awards judge will not be able to accept anecdotal evidence when determining the winner of a particular category. Firms that are able to present quantifiable success, whether that through testimonials, customer reviews or clear return on investment numbers, will ensure that the judging panel is unable to overlook your firm’s evidence.

Carefully Consider Your Category

Specific industry awards will consider each niche area within the sector. There is definitely an area that is right for your firm. Choose the category which best represents your firm’s values, experience and expertise. This will ensure you stand the best chance of winning.

Add Personality

There is nothing more forgettable than a dull entry. This award signifies the area of your firm you feel most proud about, so sing it from the rooftops and let the judges feel the passion you have! Think outside the box and involve some storytelling in your entry. Weave a narrative that clearly explains the journey your firm has been on to get to this point in time. The rest of the form will feature the formulaic, compulsory content; let the summary shine!

Consider the Events Calendar

February is synonymous with Oscars season. Similarly, most industry events and awards are annual. This will enable your firm to consider strategy by planning for the various things you may need by the time the awards come around again. Keeping an eye on the calendar can also heighten other elements of your business you may otherwise overlook whilst busily completing legal service work. Becoming adept at maintaining good habits by hunting down testimonials or sending the customer satisfaction survey will ensure the company understands where to improve whilst also archiving that all important evidence the judges need.

The British Wills and Probate Awards

Solve Legal Marketing, publishers of Today’s Wills and Probate, are proud to announce the return of The British Wills and Probate Awards, following the successful inaugural event. This year the awards ceremony which is being held on 17th October 2019 at The Belfry Hotel & Resort and is set to eclipse the immense success of the first awards.

We are in the process of sifting through a myriad of deserving companies and individuals that represent the pinnacle of legal service providers working in Wills and Estate Planning. If you feel as though your business, firm or colleagues are worthy of this prestigious accolade, register your details and submit your entry form before the closing date of June 14.

What’s next?

So now the decision has been made to put in an entry for an award… now what? Read Solve Legal’s essential guide to putting together a winning submission in Part 2, published next week. Do follow Calico Legal Solutions Group on Linkedin so you never miss a knowledge packed article (or my next blog!).

Good luck!

Karen Babington, Solve Legal

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