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Legal Workflow

We are creators of innovative products, services and integrations that drive increased productivity, improved profitability, smarter service provision, superior user experience and all the rewards of a modern, high-tech legal firm.

Through the imaginative application of technology, allied with commercial acumen, we customise practice and case management systems, adding our own products to create modern, streamlined and cost-efficient systems which are a joy to use.

Our founder, Martin Langan, is a solicitor and former equity partner in private practice, with over 30 years’ experience in the law.  Martin brings this experience to bear on all of our products and services.

Turning your out-of-the-box case and practice management software into an invaluable business solution, customised to meet your needs. Streamlining your work practices, prompting actions, automating compliance checks, assessing risk, forecasting income. Enabling legal practitioners to spend more time with clients and less time on repetitive and manual tasks.

Workflow illustration - Legal Workflow Ltd
Integration illustration - Legal Workflow Ltd

Integration with third-party applications, client portals and databases simplifies the sharing of consistent data throughout the firm. Integration with external sites automates the processes of uploading and downloading data from accessible sites such as the Land Registry and the Claims Portal.

Offering customised self-service online legal services applications provides your clients with 24/7 access. Conditional logic means only the questions relevant to their case are asked. Data is then delivered via your case management application or email, and a response automatically produced for approval.

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Automation and AI for law firms illustration - Legal Workflow Ltd

Transform your business and wow your clients

Imaginatively applied technology automates processes and mundane tasks, maximising the capability of your practice and case management systems. Ensuring you achieve – and can demonstrate – compliance. AI services such as lead generating Chat Bots, case progress advice and automated legal processes are all within your reach.

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