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Introhive – An Automated CRM

Introhive uses artificial and relationship intelligence to analyses contacts and activity, identifying “who knows who” across the firm. Our software delivers key insights and produces comprehensive data intelligence around the firm’s relationship capital, in a clean, complete and accurate digest.

The platform also prepares and delivers timely and relevant emails to partners and lawyers ahead of client engagements, enabling them to effortlessly sync activities and contacts back into CRM.

  • Improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Build and leverage their organizational network
  • More accurately forecast
  • Increase CRM adoption
  • Visualize client engagement
  • Automate intelligent lead generation
  • Uncover valuable connections to targets
  • Report significant ROI impact as soon as 30 days

Introhive works closely with our customers to understand their obstacles and provide continual support to deliver on their KPIs. We’ve helped drive retention, growth and client acquisition for a range of B2B legal firms throughout EMEA and North America.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Introhive

There are few ways a full service law firm can differentiate itself in an ever increasingly competitive market place.

One source of differentiation is through adopting a CRM. There is a lot of evidence to support the fact that law firms struggle with CRM usage and adoption. The challenge with any CRM is that if a number of key people like attorneys and partners don’t use it then its use becomes severely limited.

Introhive is proven system that will deliver digital and cultural transformation at law firms by automating mundane data entry and information cleansing in CRM. This is a critical differentiation between Introhive and other CRMs. 

Introhive enables business development, marketing, and client service teams with Relationship Intelligence to map, score and share client insights across the firm to identify new opportunities for warm introductions, cross-selling or up selling opportunities. This means that the information is of a lot higher quality in the CRM, which means greater access to insights shared via pre-meeting reports and less time spent adding and maintaining information in CRM. This is all done for you.

Read more about the role Introhive plays within legal firms here and access case studies such as the work that has been done with Howard Kennedy LLP;

Fenwick & West Case Study 
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