Generations In The Workplace

two employees from different generations (one millennial and one baby boomer) working together

Generations In The Workplace Now more than at any time in history before we are seeing the widest range of generations in the workplace. With up to five generations making […]

Start as You Mean to Go On

Keyboard with the word 'compliance' written on one of the buttons

Start as You Mean to Go On Opening your own law firm is an exciting time, but it also comes with a whole load of responsibility, things which before now […]

8 Cybersecurity Tips For a Start-up Law Firm

A padlock lying next to a laptop

8 Cybersecurity Tips For a Start-up Law Firm Advanced digital technology and platforms are now readily available and used by firms of all sizes, including start-ups. However, with any business […]

Digital Bundles As
 They Should Be

paper documents flying out of filing cabinet into a phone screen

Create Living Digital eBundles That Work If it’s not managed properly, a digital bundle resembles something slung together, disordered and difficult to navigate. Worse still, there are often extra unnecessary […]