Verdigris Consulting

Verdigris deliver IT and Operations strategy, management support and legal IT expertise from start-ups to large regional law firms. 

We deliver projects or extended engagements spanning:

  • Strategic reviews and planning – firm and departmental
  • PMS / CMS project delivery
  • Start-up firm technology and delivery
  • Property team health-check – process, systems, profitability/risk, reporting best practice
  • Conveyancing system/workflow selection and delivery
  • CRM and business development projects
  • Tactical outsourcing
  • Interim team management/project team coach

Verdigris Consulting are Pauline Freegard MBA and Katrina Bevan. We have both worked within or with UK law firms for the last 17+ years. Our focus is on process and technology AND working with people. Any process or system change has to go hand in hand with cultural change.

Set Strategy: Execute Plan: Continual Improvement: Repeat!

Our Services

  • Legal IT System review and selection.

    Extensive experience of many platforms, hosting options and Cloud applications.

  • Conveyancing and Private Client

    Department systems, structure and process improvements.

  • Major project assistance

    Supplier negotiations or ongoing project support.

  • Interim management or external management team member

    Introduction to suitable suppliers after assessment.

  • Business development

    Marketing systems and workflow.

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Set Strategy: Execute Plan: Continual Improvement: Repeat!

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