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Compliance that works.

Teal Compliance is led by Amy Bell, who has over 22 years’ experience in the Legal Sector. We know that keeping up with the changing requirements can be challenging for owners of law firms and keeping staff engaged with compliance can be a challenge for every firm.

We specialise in helping law firms with Anti-Money Laundering and Data Protection through providing effective compliance training, policies and procedures, and audits.

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The PII market and maximising your advantage in this year’s tough renewal market. Led by Amy Bell, Teal Compliance, and Brian Boehmer, Lockton.

Our Services

  • Anti-Money Laundering

    Are you the MLRO for your firm? Do you need help and advice on reporting requirements and/or assistance to help protect your firm from money laundering attempts. Legal professionals have an important role in upholding the law and making sure they don’t unwittingly support criminal activity through financial transactions. Let us help you sleep easier at night knowing your legal firm is well prepared on your AML policies and processes.

  • Data Protection

    Another highly valuable target for fraudsters is a firm’s data. Protecting data is a whole-firm responsibility and it is crucial that all staff understand, and are trained on, the safeguarding of data and potential vulnerable touchpoints in your processes. Cybercrime is an ever-evolving issue so policies and procedures set the scene for good practice, and regular training and audits keep everyone match fit.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    As the SRA guidance has moved from prescriptive procedures to outcome focussed, we find that many firms want help in interpreting the rules to best suit their legal landscape. The key to compliance that works is understanding the WHY not just the HOW – we ensure that processes are bought to life for your staff with a clear purpose and impact, which is pivotal to increasing the whole firm awareness and adoption of ‘compliance’.

Amy Bell, CEO, Teal ComplianceAmy Bell is the Founder of Teal Compliance and Teal Legal as well as the Author of Solicitors and Money Laundering and Compliance That Works (Due to be published in Spring 2021). A Compliance Consultant with a passion for helping firms adapt to the changing legal landscape. Amy has many years of experience in working with law firms, and in 2017 launched Amy Bell Compliance Limited followed by Teal Compliance Limited in January 2018.

The Teal team provide support to law firms, through consultancy services and training to help everyone in the firm to understand compliance and how to apply risk management principles to improve client service and deliver efficiencies.

Amy is a member and former Chair of the Law Society’s Money Laundering Task Force, where she represents the Solicitors profession at Government and in Europe. She is also the author of the Law Society’s Anti-Bribery Toolkit and their Anti Money Laundering Training courses.