NetDocuments is a cloud-based, legal technology services solution offering state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

NetDocuments enables 2,500+ global customers with a single, scalable cloud-based platform for securing and collaborating on documents, emails and real-time conversations.

NetDocuments provides safe, ready and proven solutions to improve security and increase productivity, helping firms and corporate legal departments offer a better service to their clients.


Our platform has the security protocols, regulatory standards and compliance certifications to ensure that data is backed up, safe and protected with:

  • Platform-wide security audits, attestations and compliance certifications.
  • Military-grade encryption practices to protect against data breaches and cyber-attacks.
  • Blockchain technology to verify the validity of documents distributed digitally.
  • Robust access controls and data loss prevention practices to ensure data isn’t lost or shared inappropriately.


We provide the tools to accomplish the priorities of the present whilst establishing a framework to prepare for the future:

  • Spend less time searching for content and worrying about version control with our core document management functionality.
  • Take control of inbox overload with ndMail. The predictive email filing tool allows users to save and organise emails with just one click.
  • Collaborate more effectively with ndThread. Users can share information using secure conversations linked to the topics at hand and annotate content to quickly share thoughts or raise concerns.
  • Eliminate accessibility issues. Users can work on documents from home or in the office with the NetDocuments web interface and mobile applications available for both iOS and Android devices.


Many companies say they offer cloud services but maintain operations using a clunky, outdated infrastructure that needs an innumerable amount of resources. The NetDocuments cloud platform was built from the ground up and now has a proven 20-year track record of storing and securing billions of files for thousands of customers, globally.

One Platform. Unlimited Possibilities.

Customers can integrate our existing tools into their organisation’s current technology stack or tap into our extensive partner network and free API to design the solutions that are specific to their business needs. No matter the priorities, the NetDocuments platform will allow organisations to adapt and deliver the technology solutions and security professionals need and clients demand.

Our Services

  • Document Management

    NetDocuments allows you to easily create, view, edit, and share documents on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device without having to worry that you are putting your clients’ data at risk.

  • Email management

    Spend less time ‘managing’ your email. A single click files most of your email. Thanks to our powerful predictive filing engine, we take the tedium out of managing your mailbox.

  • Collaboration

    Simple. Share documents securely and work productively with others. The built-in integration with Office 365 encourages co-authoring while your content always resides within the secure NetDocuments cloud.

  • Governance

    The NetDocuments service is regularly audited to ensure compliance & certification with relevant laws & regulations. NetDocuments’ single global instance of software allows you to take advantage of these audits & certifications via pass-through compliance.

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