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Lawyer Checker are committed to helping you, your team and your firm offer the best protection to your clients and their money through enhanced risk management and increased due diligence when transmitting funds.

Hundreds of legal professionals lose money and suffer damage to their reputation, every year, as a result of cybercrime.

Lawyer Checker’s products help prevent this financial and reputational damage by safeguarding lawyers from threats such as Bogus Law firms, Friday Afternoon Fraud, email modification fraud, and email spoofing attacks.

Account & Entity Screen and Consumer Bank Account Checker are innovative and award-winning solutions that help protect Lawyers while transmitting client funds.

OnDMARC is a cloud-based solution which prevents any 3rd party hijacking your email address and communicating with clients, suppliers, and colleagues as you.

About Lawyer Checker

Lawyer Checker was founded in 2011 with an aim to provide comprehensive fraud protection for conveyancers and their clients. It is now a widely renowned business, not only recognised as an integral element within conveyancing risk management, but also by providing services to help protect the wider legal market.

Our Services

  • Account & Entity Screen

    Ensures client funds are sent to a legitimate bank account associated with the vendor’s conveyancing firm.

  • Consumer Bank Account Checker

    Helps validates the source and destination of client funds by checking the bank account details match your client’s name, address and date of birth.


    Actively block phishing attacks and prevent 3rd parties impersonating your email domain to any recipient such as clients, suppliers or employees.

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