DVV Solutions – Third Party Risk Management

We are a specialist provider of Cyber Security, Third Party Supplier Risk and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solutions.

We help law firms enhance oversight of the myriad of enterprise risks associated with business process outsourcing and the cyber supply chain.

We are driven to deliver the most scalable and cost-effective solution to meet your unique requirements.

Our suite of consultative and managed services improve your ability to manage increasing numbers and complexity of outsourced supplier risk enabling you to;

  • Identify, prioritise and mitigate security and compliance risks in your cyber supply chain more effectively
  • Reduce the time and resource costs associated with in-house Third-Party risk assessments
  • Increase the scale of your TPRM program and manage more suppliers, more effectively
  • Mature your TPRM program to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements

Dynamic Vendor Verification for Modern Law Firms

Law firms of all sizes are becoming more dependent upon Third-Parties to manage and process their mission-critical operations. Whether its utilising cloud-based services and storage, providing payment applications and “widgets” on your website or outsourcing key business processes, Third-Parties and suppliers access and store your sensitive Customer and Employee Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as well as commercial data and intellectual property.

Regulators Are Taking Note!

The EU GDPR, SRA, FCA and EBA have all introduced regulation specific to the protection and processing of data and the systems, networks and ecosystems that support it – superseding any contractual obligations that may have been previously put in place.

As a consequence, understanding the key policies, security practices and other controls suppliers use to protect this information is now critical to ensuring your operational efficiency, security and regulatory compliance.

As the specialists in Third-Party Risk Management, DVV solutions can help you in ensuring the data you share in your cyber supply chain is secure, protected and managed within the strictest regulations. We have extensive experience in developing and executing Third Party risk assessments based upon ISO27001, PCI and GDPR compliance, and developing bespoke questionnaire sets.

Our Services

  • Third Party and Supplier Cyber Risk Assessments

    Let us take the pain out of the risk assessment process. We provide simple “as-a-service” options to execute a program of remote assessments and more rigorous onsite risk verification. Our team of CTPRP accredited Risk Assessors will provide full-service collection, analysis and reporting to improve the speed and scalability of your program.

  • GDPR Data Privacy and Security Health Check

    GDPR places clear and significant shared responsibility on data controllers and processors (such as contractors, partners, suppliers and service providers). Our GDPR-specific assessment service streamlines your efforts to ensure you and your external data processors maintain the necessary data privacy and protection processes that conform to GDPR regulations.

  • Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecards

    Actionable 60-second risk assessments for your company and Third-Parties. We provide law firms with a cost-effective way to identify potential supply chain risk and get your cyber security assurance program up-and-running using simple, non-intrusive scans and hacker reconnaissance.

  • Merger and Aquisition Cyber Risk Assesments

    Cybersecurity assessments are becoming a critical part of M&A due diligence and are shown to have tangible value in the valuation and success of a transaction. We have extensive experience in conducting discrete assessments specifically tailored to identify cyber risks and prepare safe IT integration in the M&A process.

  • Third Party Risk Program Check and Maturity

    Providing expertise and support to ensure your investment in Third-Party Risk Management delivers the right results. No matter where you are in the process of addressing your Third-Party Risk we provide the support to develop your strategic plan and identify effective measures to improve the maturity, efficiency and regulatory compliance of your TPRM program.