Calico welcomes new member as engagement moves up legal agenda

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has become the latest technology vendor to join the Calico Legal Solutions Group, adding heavyweight expertise around client and colleague engagement.

Engage’s mobile-first platform is already proven across multiple sectors and is now coming to legal at a time when the engagement message is resonating loudly.

Peter Gill, MD of ESG’s Professional Services division, explains: “I don’t think there is a managing partner or executive team out there who isn’t concerned with delivering revenue growth and client experience on the one hand, and building the right culture and healthy work environment on the other. Engagement improves and accelerates these aspects of a legal business. The technology is there for firms to support both client and colleague lifecycles end-to-end, and uniquely in ESG’s case we can do it from the one platform.”

One consultant has already described Engage as “one of the most exciting solutions to come to market in years”, a billing that Peter Gill is keen to explain: “People like the idea of smart staff and client apps; they appreciate the innovation in things like our augmented reality capability; but what they’re really excited by are the revenue and performance- enhancing opportunities we’re opening up.

I’ll give you a couple of examples. On the client side, we can system-enable the cross-sell, resell and upsell process, and finally help firms unlock all that latent business sitting in their existing client base – without being dependent on fee earner input. For our average firm, that can take the matter one to matter two conversion rate from <10% to 20%+; and the matter two to matter three rate from <3% to %10+.

And on the colleague side, we’re delivering the reality of a unified digital workspace across mobile and desktop. No more fragmented point solutions, just one front door to everything people need – from nextgen intranet to ‘no email’ comms and messaging, from L&D to wellness, self-service to ideation. The first rule of engagement is to be engaging – that’s not just down to content, that’s down to the user experience too.

We’re delighted to be joining Calico and strengthening its expert community, and it’s great to have such a direct and respected channel to market to help us position engagement and build awareness.”

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Peter Gill, Engage Solutions Group

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