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We are the UK’s leading engagement specialist. Our mobile-first platform is unique in the market in supporting both client and colleague engagement, simultaneously enhancing revenue growth and operational performance.

This end-to-end approach goes well beyond marketing and HR: it’s about focusing an entire organisation on its ability to deliver the right experience to those that matter.

Already well proven in the corporate world, we’re now bringing end-to-end engagement to legal, backed by a team with two decades’ experience of the sector.

We help law firms:

  • Increase revenues and profitability through ‘owning’ the client lifecycle and reshaping client relationships;
  • System-enable the upsell, cross-sell and resell process, taking the average matter 1 to matter 2 conversion rate from <10% to 20%+, and matter 2 to matter 3 rate from <5% to 10%+ (average current rates as indicated by our research)
  • Pro-actively generate referrals and leads for new business;
  • Allow clients to track matters and self-serve via their own dashboard, including document exchange, digital signing and bill payment;
  • Transform service delivery and the client experience through innovations such as augmented reality, Social Media for Business, secure messaging and AI-driven newsfeeds

And to create the engaged teams, energised workplace and healthy culture that can deliver for your clients, we can also help firms:

  • Support employees at every point of the colleague lifecycle 24/7;
  • Inform, involve and inspire across a multi-generational workforce, with an internal comms approach that moves away from email;
  • Give everyone everything they need to bring their best to work, whether that’s easy-to-access job resources, on-demand elearning, or mental health support;
  • Automate lead generation and other manually-intensive tasks to drive convenience at the front-end, efficiencies at the back;
  • Provide a 21st century proposition to attract, develop, and keep talent within the firm;
  • Achieve all of this through a unified workspace, replacing or integrating existing point solutions to give a single front door
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Peter Gill

Managing Director, Professional Services

Peter joined Engage to lead its push into the Professional Services sector, drawing on twenty years spent in legal with Thomson Reuters, Advanced Legal and Lexis Nexis. He consults widely with managing partners and executive teams on effective engagement strategies and their impact on performance, people and profitability.

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