Who do you trust?

Following the Christmas festivities and joviality, I cocooned myself into a post-festive period hibernation. Snuggled on the sofa with a thick blanket and the central heating blaring whilst the wind howled. The merciless rain beat aggressively against the innocent window panes. I lay content in the knowledge that I still had a week until work beckoned once more.

Tragically, in the early hours of a Sunday morning between Christmas and New Year, my boiler decided to break down!

As the cosy heat from the day before dissipated and the cruel cold seeped through the once protective windows, I contemplated the extortionate prices I would encounter from available engineers on a Sunday. A Sunday that was sandwiched in between the two most popular bank holidays of the calendar year.

Despite the eye-watering estimate from the first engineer that was called, I probed deeper, desperate to envelop my home with warmth once more. Because he was the only engineer to answer my call of distress, I was tempted to instruct his services.

Worryingly, however, this engineer was not on the Gas Safe register and he was struggling to prove that he was legally permitted to carry out gas work. Although the testimonials on his website suggested that he was experienced. The lack of recognised certification prompted me to wait an extra day until a gas safe registered engineer was available.

Customer confidence in any business is vital

In many ways, there are a lot of direct parallels with my situation and the growing threat of cybercrime for law firms. I want to know that the companies I work with and that could hold my sensitive data have considered their cybersecurity. That they are able to prove they consistently maintain a cyber hygienic business.

The threat continues to increase and cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their approaches.  Highlighting your business’ defence against cyber threats will become increasingly important in ensuring people have the confidence to use your law firm.

Routes to cybersecurity certification

At Lawyer Checker, we have a number of routes that your law firm can take to ensure your journey to cybersecurity certification is seamless and successful. We offer a number of certification routes including:

Cyber Essentials

The government recognised self-assessment certification is a great starting point for cybersecurity involving a firm’s technical controls. This pathway will help ensure your company can identify vulnerabilities on all devices connected to the internet.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Many firms do not feel confident in completing the self-assessment questionnaire without support. Lawyer Checker offer an independently verified expert to assess your business. The expert then offers advice on how to improve any vulnerable areas. We also offer a thorough inspection of your firm’s online devices that store data through a detailed network vulnerability scan.

ISO 27001

ISO27001 is internationally recognised as the most comprehensive and detailed accreditation to help embed a healthy security culture. Our advisors specialise in the legal sector and ensure that our implementation guidance avoids confusing jargon.  We work with you to help raise awareness of the whole organisation’s collective responsibility for cybersecurity.

Lawyer Checker’s specialist knowledge of the legal sector is aligned with our expert understanding of cybersecurity. This means that using us to help achieve certification will ensure that your law firm continues to receive custom from clients who are confident in the service you provide.

Security is at the heart of everything Lawyer Checker does. It’s why we have added cybersecurity certification advice to our product range. It is also the reason you can trust us to help you.

Jen Williams, Lawyer Checker 

Lawyer Checker are committed to helping you, your team and your firm offer the best protection to your clients. Through enhanced risk management and increased due diligence when transmitting funds.

Lawyer Checker’s products help prevent financial and reputational damage. We safeguard lawyers from threats such as Bogus Law firms, Friday Afternoon Fraud, email modification fraud, and email spoofing attacks.

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