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We help law firms unlock the potential within.

Through Technology, Process, and People.

Process is key to the success of what we do – not as a dull formulaic, prescriptive way of working but as a clear guide to doing things in the right order. So often firms jump in at the wrong stage or jump ahead, whereas what you actually need to do for a successful project is complete each stage in turn, fully, and only then move on through the rest of the planned sequence.

Understanding your strategy and direction

Requirements first – no beauty parades!

Bringing discipline to the process is key

Making it happen

Ever had an issue or opportunity appear on a board agenda time and time again?

It’s a common scenario in any busy business.  Often the solution to a groundhog day issue is to engage extra assistance on a project basis to make that good change happen. However, it’s not easy to find the right experienced partner to trust with confidential or sensitive information if you are a law firm.

To be successful, whoever you reach out for help must understand how legal works. They need to understand the mechanics of delivering legal services but also the structure, terminology and culture of a professional services firm. Not only it is crucial to enable quick progress but credibility is key to engaging with law firm owners and staff.

“As a rapidly growing firm, with an alternative model, we needed to work with an independent sector specialist to help optimise a specific department, due to our rate of growth. After an efficient review, and investing time with our people, they were able to identify (and oversee the implementation of) a specific piece of technology which enabled the existing staff to process work much more efficiently, and continues to aid the department through further growth phases.”
Nas Patel
Finance Director

Resources and contact details

Common operational challenges that we help Law Firms address:

Poor utilisation of existing software Outdated reliance on paper Project resource Staff underutilisation Talent acquisition

Alex Hutchinson

Legal Sector Director

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