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Casedo is an organisational tool created to streamline legal analysis and court bundle creation.

You can seamlessly search for what you need, switch between documents, highlight vital information,  add comments, bookmarks, links and create an instantly generated table of contents , all on one easy to use platform.  It also creates court bundles in a matter of minutes!

Benefit from the search and speed capabilities of a digital platform, without sacrificing the element that makes you the best legal professional possible – your mind and skill.

Casedo is designed with you and your practice at its heart. It’s flexible to the way you like to work. It will reduce the amount of time spent on case preparation, so you can focus on the analysis, argument, and articulation of your case or something much better altogether.

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Casedo has transformed my practice. Having been sceptical at first that making my bundles ‘fully digital’ could work for me, I am now a convert.

Casedo provides the benefits of a paper bundle – particularly being able to quickly hold pages up against each other, highlight bits of text, and ‘stick a post-it in’ – with all the benefits of search and speed that digital files have.

It is much better than paper bundles, and better than other providers. Casedo brings order to even the most slapdash scanning job, and has given me an edge both at court and in chambers by making it easy to analyse and order large bundles quickly. I now work off it almost exclusively.

Tom Haggie, Barrister, QEB

Ross Birkbeck

Ross is a barrister and the inventor of Casedo. When he moved from video-editing to law, he realised that the equivalent tools he took for granted in his previous career simply didn’t exist in law. So he created Casedo. As Head of Product and Casedo Inventor, he leads on the creative development of Casedo, and as a practicing barrister he uses the software professionally, day in day out.

Jim Hitch co-founder of Casedo picture

Jim Hitch

As Co-Founder and Casedo CEO, Jim is passionate about all aspects of the business, and about bringing Ross’ vision to the wider world. “Casedo embodies the three things that are most dear to me – privacy, sustainability and simplicity”. Jim also sits as Secretary Trustee of a grant-giving mental health charity The Pixel Fund.

Casedo is an extremely efficient and intuitive e-bundling tool, particularly useful for courtroom advocates. It’s leagues ahead of counterparts, and likely to significantly reduce case preparation time. Casedo is fantastic software.

Joe Rainer, Barrister, QEB

Casedo makes a profound difference to working on long-running, document-heavy litigation.

Open your Casedo file and you have all of your previous analysis at your fingertips plus the flexibility to add, remove and rearrange documents and notes easily as the litigation develops. I wouldn’t want to be without it on any case.

Charlotte Beynon, Barrister, Serle Court Chambers

As to the benefits for me, it’s massive. I have been working largely as a sole practitioner during the time I have used it.

I remember the pain of creating bundles before then, particularly if you acting for the claimant in a case where the other side are being difficult as to the contents of the bundles. The ability to move and reorder items and have them paginated is brilliant.

Aaron Wood, Intellectual Property lawyer, Blaser Mills LLP

We were using another provider for bundling, but I found your software so much more user-friendly and intuitive, I think it will be a much better fit for our users. I look forward to seeing the enhancements made in future updates.

Gill Wiseman, Practice Manager, Freeman Box solicitors

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