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The Success Statistics:
• 54% improvement in turnaround time
• Over 90% of work returned within the hour
• Over 30% of work processed outside of normal office hours

Helping Keystone Law to do things differently – and better
As a law firm with innovation and creativity running through its DNA, Keystone Law embraces technology and modern working practices to help it deliver excellent results for clients. This next generation law firm required a leading-edge digital dictation and transcription service that would complement and enhance its technology-driven approach. Document Direct was able to develop a flexible, efficient, app-based solution designed to suit Keystone Law’s mobile and agile work culture and boost the firm’s client service delivery even further.

What Keystone Law needed:
Keystone Law’s Operations Director, William Robins explains, “In common with most law firms, Keystone’s lawyers have the benefit of secretarial support to ensure they are free to focus on what’s important to the client. For some years we employed a pool of secretaries on site during office hours and work was sent to them by email or by telephone. While the feedback we received from our lawyers indicated that the support we offered was already good, we wanted to make it scalable, fully mobile and 24/7. To do this we looked at employing more people and at technology-based solutions. As innovators, we wanted to take advantage of available technologies as much as possible. After detailed discussions, our search concluded in partnering with Document Direct and building a bespoke secretarial offering that could be accessed round the clock and via our own dedicated app that sits on our lawyers’ phones and iPads.”

What Document Direct delivered:
Document Direct liaised closely with the Keystone Law team to develop
a service tailored to the specific needs of the firm. This included the creation of a dictation app that is accessible from Android and iPhone systems, easy to use and secure. Keystone’s lawyers can download and use the app wherever they happen to be based, at any given time, without costly and time-consuming IT intervention.

The app automatically logs dictation time as admin work, so it can be billed appropriately, and the recorded digital files are delivered securely to Document Direct’s highly experienced team of typists. The team then types up our documents, formats them according to Keystone Law’s house style and sends them back promptly, securely and accurately. The service is available to Keystone Law 24/7 but is only used, and charged for, when the firm needs it, helping to control costs. To support the fast turnaround of high-quality documentation, Keystone Law also brought on board Document Direct’s document production services. Document Direct’s skilled team of document creators now ensures the efficient production of a range of documents across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, with a proofreading and quality checking service included. The process is overseen by a dedicated document production account manager.

The Document Direct Benefits:
Document Direct is helping Keystone Law to maintain its reputation for going above and beyond client expectations.

William Robins says, “The stats have shown a dramatic improvement; average turnaround time has improved by 54% with 90% of work being returned within the hour. On top of this, accuracy has improved (due to Document Direct’s inbuilt quality control process) and we are now even more responsive to our clients. The greatest surprise was that just under a third of all our work is received outside of normal office hours, which is now processed in receipt and no longer waits for our central office to open.

Document Direct has proved the ideal partner for Keystone Law, thanks to its innate understanding of lawyer needs, its dedication to outstanding client service and its ability to develop flexible, high-quality typing, transcription and document production solutions.

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