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Cavendish Legal Group - Transfer of the cashiering team


“CLG is a rapidly growing law firm. With a mix of quality corporate and commercial work, and a high volume conveyancing practice.”

“The firm had an existing team of cashiers but was looking to improve efficiencies.  To create a cashiering resource which would support the ambitious growth projections of the firm.

A discussion with The Cashroom led to the creation of a detailed project to transfer across the cashiering team from CLG. Thereby creating the basis for The Cashroom to open a presence in London.

The project ensured the smooth handover of the service.  While also including elements of service improvement and alterations to some ways of working. Initially, the service was delivered from CLG’s offices, while the cashiering team was integrated. Senior members of The Cashroom team were placed within the CLG team to help train, support and guide the team into The Cashroom.

The Cashroom also worked with the partners at CLG to create new processes. This ensured a cost-effective, efficient service throughout. Once established, the team moved into a separate location and began delivering the service remotely.”

Alexis Brassey, Managing Partner and Notary Public, Cavendish Legal Group


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