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Hill DickinsonIn 2011 Hill Dickinson embarked on a rollout of outsourcing digital dictation to Document Direct. In 2012 there has been a doubling of the volume of work produced by Document Direct and the evolving changes in working practices has seen co-sourcing document production as more efficient and cost-effective. Some 15,000 documents per month are produced by Document Direct and the quality of typing is excellent. The error rate is less than 1% and it is clear that the quality comes from their stringent recruitment process, and their sheer passion and focus on customer service.

Communication with a remote team can be difficult but Document Direct have put in place telephone support numbers, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a team of people available around the clock in their customer account managers and they even printed for each of our lawyers their own business card as an aide-mémoire.

It’s rare in a large law firm to hear feedback about a supplier that is anything other than positive and throughout the whole firm, lawyers have confirmed that their experience of using Document Direct is by and large a positive one.

The implementation of Document Direct’s ISO27001 (Information Security Management Systems) has helped Hill Dickinson give confidence to their own clients who insist on tight security controls. The ISO27001 system has also enforced a focus of robust systems and processes and if there are ever any technical issues these are dealt with in a proactive way to further enhance robustness in confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, data and systems.

Detailed reporting is available to the HR Dept at Hill Dickinson and full audit trails of any specific piece of work undertaken. This has helped in the analysis of costs and resources across the firm.

Hill Dickinson has frozen recruitment of support staff for more than 18 months, changed office space in London which is now reconfigured to house more fee earners rather than support staff. This has impacted positively on the profitability of the business and work turnaround has improved significantly.

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