Case Study: Ploum


Passionate about adopting innovative technologies that really help its business, Ploum, the Netherlands law firm with a difference, shares its NetDocuments journey to the cloud.

Netdocuments Case Study Ploum

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The Challenge Faced By Ploum

Ploum wanted to make its document management more efficient, easier and flexible, recognising the importance of finding a technology that would adapt to the evolving work styles of the associates and partners in the firm. “The world and work is ever changing. I’m always looking for new technologies and tools that can help us deliver excellent service to our clients,” explained IT Manager Ewa Krysmann, who has been with Ploum for 17 years. Over that time Krysmann has seen and driven lots of change and has a successful track record for implementing technological innovations to drive positive business outcomes. From the outset, a cloud based solution was a must. “Cloud and software as a service just makes sense to me. I don’t worry about server administration, maintenance and energy consumption. The capital investment is nominal but we can scale as business need dictates,” Krysmann explained.

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