Are your clients feeling frustrated and invisible?

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Are your clients feeling frustrated and invisible?

Towards the end of last month, I had one of those days that live long in the memory, yet one we strive to forget. A day when I needed clear communication and support from the people I came into contact with, yet it was a day where I felt invisible and unimportant. A day that impressed upon me the importance of listening to your customers, responding to their concerns and making them feel valued.

This day started uncharacteristically early when I was awoken by a screaming three-year-old who had developed a serious illness overnight. In the following hours, his temperature rose to a worrying heat and all medications were failing.

Having consulted advice from the NHS out of hours and waiting for the doctor’s surgery to open, I phoned, intending to make an immediate appointment.

However, when I phoned, it was engaged. Over the next hour, I phoned 64 times, only to be greeted by the same prohibitive tones. During this time, I also used the surgery’s website which offered a phone back service. After an hour, I was still waiting.

Eventually, on call number 72, I got through and booked the appointment. My son was booked, diagnosed, prescribed medication and off we went. Having picked up the medication, my son was taken home to sleep.

Exhausted and frustrated from the difficulty in contacting the surgery, we eased our frustrations by treating ourselves to a cheeky drive-through takeaway.

After waiting in a single lane queue, it forked, I chose a lane and waited outside the speaker system ready for my order to be taken. After 15 minutes of radio silence and five cars on the other side of the queue moving ahead of us, an indifferent, uninterested metallic voice asked to take our order, oblivious to the lack of customer care they had shown.

At this point, my patience had evaporated, and I complained. The employee offered the contact details I could use to make the complaint and I left without completing the order. Having complained through the email form, I went about my day, nursed my boy and forgot about the miserable morning.

Two days later I received a generic, non-specific reply to my complaint. It had failed to consider my individual incident and was seemingly a ‘send to all.’ This infuriated me further and showed a distinct lack of empathy and understanding.

Offer Swift Communication In A Competitive Marketplace

Law firms are in a similar pressure cooker and potential clients could easily end their day feeling similarly despondent as myself.

Law firms are supposed to be price and service compliant, yet 36% of complaints made to the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) was in reference to poor communication.

It is a positive experience during the pre-engagement process which could be the difference between embracing new clients and losing customers forever.

Like the doctor’s surgery, law firms are incredibly busy places. Many fee earners are often too busy ensuring their current clients’ needs and legal services are being met that they feel unable to offer the same to new enquires that may be pouring in.

Failing to convert enquiries into new business could cost the law firm vast amounts of money. Here at The Move Exchange, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully embrace new business and start the customer journey on the right foot by offering immediate communication and outstanding customer service.

Converting Enquires and Improving the Customer Experience    

Experts in what we do, our team are trained in sales psychology by leading experts Ian and Howard Cooper. The Move Exchange’s experience in conversion and focus on direct leads, ensures that the customer enquiry is dealt with quickly and your law firm is able to focus on what it does best, providing legal services to those in need.

What’s your conversion rate?

The Move Exchange’s figures over the past three months speak for themselves. Despite the difficult winter market, The Move Exchange converted a monthly average of 56.5% of all direct leads; new business that may have been overlooked without our help.

Since that point, The Move Exchange have continued adding value to the law firms they represent. March 2019 produced an average converted enquiry yield of 73% with a 64% average in April.

When 44% of all enquiries are converted within the first phone call, the need to make a swift and positive first impression becomes extremely clear.

The Move Exchange are experts in understanding client behaviour and delivering great customer service.  The reports sent to all law firms enables them to see how they are performing in the legal sector, against like minded professionals and similar firms.

Don’t let potential clients feel undervalued and underappreciated! In order to achieve immediate results, outsource all enquiries to The Move Exchange today!

Martin Parrin, The Move Exchange

The Move Exchange provides innovative services to help law firms increase their conversion rate and consequently their revenue and profitability. Whether it’s quote conversion services, online training or mystery shopping, we have a solution to fit the firm. Our goal is to help law firms get the most out of their existing sales pipeline. Often, firms focus on trying to generate new enquiries, without considering how they will successfully turn those enquiries into paid work for the business.

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