Anyone got the reset button?

Reset the DeLorean. Leveraging our influence in a time of need.

Calico Legal Solutions Group have been advising law firms for the past two years, and much of that wisdom will have put many in a better position to combat the current testing times we live in.

However, sometimes the tide we face can be greater than the resources we possess. Then we need to look at even more radical solutions than agile working with the best cloud-based services, or optimising the finest digital and outsourced solutions and shrewd financial advice.

It is then, that imagination and influence needs to be at its best.

Having reflected, and then lobbied at the highest level, Calico are therefore very pleased to announce that the next tea-time announcement outside 10 Downing Street will declare the following:

“After careful consideration it has been decided it is no longer in the best interests of anyone to proceed with 2020.”

“Whilst we recognise that a lot of effort has gone into this still fairly new year, it is quite clear that nothing is going to turn out as planned. Whilst some people may have a fascination with what will happen next – Brexit, stock markets, coronavirus – it is clearly in the best interests of the majority not to find out.”

“Therefore, as of next Monday morning, 2020 will be cancelled and we will start afresh with 2021. Full refunds will be available to everyone and details will be provided at some point on how to make a claim.” 

“The plan is to deliver a far better year than this one appeared to be, and with a full set of clean hands to the pump, we are very confident that everything will in fact be all right once more.”


f only life were that simple. We truely appreciate and sympathise with everyone who is suffering pain and disruption to their personal and business life. All of our Calico partners are feeling the same pressure, but we want to let you know that we are here, with significant knowledge and resources (even humour) to support those that need it. We all want to help if we can. Our members have expertise in telecoms, finance, reducing overheads, IT, outsourcing and lots more. Although last minute solutions may not be possible, some interventions are such as telecom changes, cash-flow and business advice, mobile installs and digital dictation apps, typing and transcription support. Pick up the phone and Calico members will help if we can. 0345 340 4321.

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