Firms that develop and maintain strong business relationships with their clients, network and colleagues always stand out and outperform their competitors.

After all, when was the last time you bought a service based purely on price unless all other aspects were equal? Who we work with matters.

Your people are at the forefront of your firm. Just because they are technically strong, it doesn’t mean they will be skilled at building relationships to retain clients and to win new ones. It also doesn’t necessarily mean they will come across effectively in meetings and presentations or be able to lead the people they manage well, to get the best from them.

Whilst technical expertise and knowledge are expected, it is your people that make the difference.

With increasing seniority, how your people come across, engage with others and build professional relationships become pivotal to your success. At the same time, these are frequently neglected capabilities in terms of development.

I focus on working with Professional & Financial Services firms to ensure that their people come across positively in every professional scenario, representing themselves and their organisations well internally and externally.

Typical skills I help professionals understand and master in both the virtual and in-person working environments include:

  • Networking
  • Navigating ‘Office Politics’ positively
  • Building productive strategic relationships
  • Profile building both on and offline
  • Managing people well to improve performance and retain individuals
  • How to engage effectively in meetings and presenting to inform and influence.

I run both group and one-to-one sessions. One-to-one sessions either to support group sessions to embed and personalise the learning and development or longer sessions over a period of time with specific individuals.

I am licensed by The Academy for Political Intelligence to help individuals and groups increase their positive political intelligence and trained with First Impressions focusing on personal impact and image consultancy.

I have run Inside Out Image for a decade and previously worked in Marketing and Consultancy so bring a wealth of business experience to all of my client work.

Joanna Gaudoin, Founder of Inside Out Image, assists Professional & Financial Services firms in ensuring that their employees come across positively in every professional scenario, representing themselves and their organisations well internally and externally. Through a variety of one-to-one and group sessions, Joanna is able to help fill in a range of skill gaps and, as well as supporting firms with stronger relationship building and personal development.

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